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24K Gold changed Cleopatras Skin, and it changed mine too...

24K Gold changed Cleopatras Skin, and it changed mine too...

Treaty 24K Gold Face Mask Blog
The ultimate indulgence. Endorsed by some of the most influential, beautiful people in the world. Popular for both its long list of skin benefits but also its glamorous, alluring appearance. We are, of course, talking about 24K Gold.  
Our industry has been widely captivated by gold infused skincare products since they arrived on the scene early last year, we ourselves love them! I mean come on, there’s not many things that make you feel more special than being covered head to toe in a precious, ancient treasure.

But the use of gold in your skincare routine stretches much further back than recent times, rumored to have even been a part of Cleopatra’s beauty regime back in Egypt. So what exactly is all the fuss about? We’ve pulled together some of the biggest benefits, like you needed anymore excuses…

"24K Gold slows down depletion in collagen levels, keeping you young, radiant and beautiful."

Treaty 24K Gold Collagen Peel off face mask

24K Gold's biggest benefits . . .

This is going to sound complicated, stay with us, we’re not taking you back to the classroom, promise…
Ions present in 24K Gold  help to stimulate cells, nerves and veins in your body improving circulation and bloodflow. Blood is a great worker, it carries oxygen, nutrients and hormones to all the working cells in your body, your skin cells included and while it's there it picks up a load of waste toxins, radicals and pathogens to dispose of. No wasted journeys here! So it takes away the bad stuff and brings along the good stuff. Ace right?
The upshot of all this extra blood flow is a glowing radiant skin tone and an even complexion, things we all desire. Still with us? Pheww!

"Invest in your skin, it's going to represent you for a very long time"

Collagen . . .

So, if you’re reading this chances are you’ve at least heard the word collagen recently. You may even know exactly what it is but for those who don’t, it is wonderful. In the battle against aging it is the skins holy grail. Collagen is a natural substance, one of the most abundant in our bodies, and it acts as a connective tissue between the upper layer of the skin and the tissue underneath keeping it taught.
So what’s the catch? As we age our production of collagen slows. Imagine a tent, with all the poles inside supporting the outer shell it is tight and wrinkle free. If you took some of those poles out, the outer shell would start to sag and fall out of shape. It’s the same for your skin.
And if you’re sat there thinking ‘I’m only young I’ve nothing to worry about’….Collagen depletion starts from age 25. Eeeek. Looks like I’m late to the party.
24K Gold  is said to slow down this depletion in collagen levels, keeping you young, radiant and beautiful. Woooo! Subscribe for more on Collagen's many benefits for other parts of your body.
Treaty 24k Gold Peel off face mask
Treaty 24k Gold Face Mask
Treaty 24k Gold Face Mask


Author Treaty Ltd / Unbuttoned / Published: Oct-16-2019

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