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Free UK Standard Delivery! Next Day Delivery Available

About Us

What we do...

What we do...

Treaty's decadent facial treatments bring the Spa sensation to you wherever you are. Our products provide little moments of mindfulness amongst the chaos of day to day life.  

Our brand is all about creating moments of tranquillity for you. The use of our products is an experience designed to help you switch off, practice mindfulness and improve your mental well-being.



"You can't do good business with a bad person" A quote we stand by & love, we believe that doing good in every decision & treating people with the level of respect we want is essential in building long lasting, healthy relationships with colleagues, customers & everybody who is apart of our journey.


Everything that we do & put out from our website, to the ingredients & packaging of our products is a decision we draw from our own experiences & personalities. We design & create everything to do with our products & brand because it needs to be true to us, illustrating our own cultural flair & values is extremely important in remaining authentic.


Mindset is everything at Treaty Ltd, after all, our mission is to help people to switch off & be mindful. So we can't not practice that in all that we do. A common misconception we want to address...having a positive mindset doesn't mean that we're constantly happy, it's having the ability to take the good out of every situation & to have the resilience to maintain & exert good energy!


"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort" Our customers have come to us because they are looking for something to Treat themselves or someone special with, therefore it has to be worth their while. We want to give them the most luxurious experience possible, which means no compromise on production or service.